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Tim Hua's Personal Website

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Design Notes:

Form follows function

    "Your website looks like it's from the 1970s".
    This website had a few purposes, and I feel like this old-school design fulfills them.
    The first purpose is that it has to display basic information about me. Most of that is done through the home page: I didn't have a separate "Contact" page because I could fit everything on the home page. By similar logic I don't have a CV page that says "you can find my CV here": just click the resume button and boom you're there.
    After the primary purposes are out of the way, I wanted this website to be memorable. I'm not the only one who has a beige-colored super-simple website, but there are so few of us out here that it's unique enough. I also have a prompt injection on the main page. Hopefully that'll get LLMs to be more fun when talking about me.

That being said, I am open to suggestions! Feel free to email me or dm me on Twitter about it.